Provider Switches

Provider Switches

Service Coordinators should assist participants in making all types of provider switches, if needed.

  1. An SC can assist a participant with calling in to PHW to request a change in provider verbally if the participant is moving from Agency Model to Agency Model, but the participant or power of attorney must be on the phone with the SC in order to verbalize their desire to switch providers. The SC is then responsible for ensuring all assessments reflect the change in provider at the next scheduled visit following the steps below.
  2. If the participant or power of attorney is unable to request the switch verbally, then the SC needs to complete a visit to update the assessments to reflect that the participant has requested a change. If the participant is requesting a change from Agency Model to PDO model or PDO Model to Agency Model, then the SC needs to follow the steps below and ensure a visit is scheduled and assessments are updated.

Agency Model to Participant Directed Option (PDO) Switch

  1. Fill out new Referral Form for TEMPUS
    a. Email it
    b. Upload to FP and Envolve
  2. Wait until TEMPUS gives you a start date to update PCSP
  3. After receiving start date -Update PCSP
    a. Close Agency Model
    b. Add TEMPUS
    c. Call PAHW to let them know a switch is requested from Agency to Tempus
  4. Tell PTP they will use Agency Model (regular PAS) until PTP is set up with Tempus
  5. Make sure correct Model is initialed/selected in the Docusign

Portal Link:

Participant Directed Option (PDO) to Agency Model Switch

  1. Make sure that PAS agency has given you a good to start date 
  2. Update PCSP
    1. End date Tempus
    2. Add PAS with start date that the agency confirms they have staff to begin
  1. Update “TEMPUS PTP Service Change Form”
    1. Enrollment end date should match end date on PCSP
    2. Email it
    3. Upload to FP and Envolve
  2. Call PAHW to let them know a switch is requested from Tempus  to Agency Model 

Agency Model to Agency Model Switch

Change in PAS Provider 

This will result in two separate entries on the PCSP for the same type of service 

If SC has completed an assessment with a participant and a change in any type of provider is being requested, then the Service Plan in the PCSP should reflect the following: 

● 1st Entry 

○ Start date: first date in current year that participant began receiving this service     

   (eg. if the participant had HDM for this entire year then 1/1/20 is listed, if the 

   participant started receiving HDM on 3/2/20 then 3/2/20 is listed). You will need 

   to look at the authorizations in FP to determine the appropriate start date. 

○ End date: Future date that new provider can begin, minus 1 day (SC will need 

   to confirm this with new provider) 

○ Amount: Current amount of service approved 

● 2nd Entry 

○ Start date: Future day that new provider can begin (SC will need to confirm this 

   with new provider) 

○ End date: one year from the date of your visit minus 1 day

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