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2. Amcord Contacts

Management Personnel

CEO – Alex Krishtul
Financial Director – Simon Brafman
Director of Human Services – Miranda Mottershead
VP of Operations – Liz Malloy
VP of Service Coordination – Valeria Kudriavtceva

AVP of Programs- Stephanie Kovatich
AVPs of Service Coordination – Nataliya Prikhodko, Maryna Mukhina, and Tatyana Drankova
AVP of Service Coordination, Quality Assurance – Olya Shyvilka

Office Registered Nurse – Irene Aleynikov
Compliance Specialist – Anhelina Torres
Critical Incident Supervisors – Bryan Mottershead and Jackie Everton
NPO Supervisor/Intake – Tabitha Manace
Lead Training Specialist – Erin Carlin
Office Administration – Roza Dar

Service Coordination Teams

Team Justice League: Lead by AVP, Nataliya Prikhodko
Sara Clark, Dasha Dubinskaya, Muriel Jones-Warfield

Team Compliance Alliance: Lead by AVP, Tatyana Drankova
Dmitriy Dorotov , Dmitriy Kovbasiuk

The Dream Team: Lead by AVP, Maryna Mukhina
Anny Chen, Stacy Dasilva, Quenika Smith, Malika Gaskin

Nursing Facility Team: Lead by AVP, Stephanie Kovatich
Supervisor: Carolina Duran

Amcord NPI#: 1659828887

Amcord Tax ID#: 460596712

Office phone numbers:

PA Health and Wellness: 1-844-626-6813
County Assistance Office (CAO): 1-877-395-8930 | 215-560-7226
Office of Long-Term Living (OLTL) Helpline: 1-800-757-5042
Adult Protective Services 24/7: 1-800-490-8505
Department of Human Services Hotline: 833-735-4416
Fraud and Abuse Reporting Helpline: 1-844-347-8477

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