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Septa and Transportation Services

There are 4 different options for transportation services, divided into 2 main categories: Non-Medical Transportation (NMT) and Medical Assistance Transportation Program (MATP)

Non Medical Transportation (MTM)Medical Transportation (MATP)
Private vehicle ridesPrivate vehicle rides
Public Transportation with Septa Keycard
Door to door rideshare with CCT Pass

Non-Medical Transportation

For transportation to any location or appointment that is NOT medical in nature, participants can use Non-Medical Transportation (NMT).

There are 3 options for NMT

1. MTM Rides

If the participant doesn’t want to use public transportation they can call (#888-561-8747) and arrange rides from private vehicles through MTM

All Medicaid recipients (regardless of age) are eligible to receive this! They need only call MTM and schedule/arrange transportation with them~

PCSP input

When putting MTM rides in the Service plan, put in the average amount of round trips they may require each week in the service details.

The “Amount” is the average number of rides they require per month x2

Function Portal Input

When putting the service in Function Portal, you must put MTM as the provider.

2. Septa Keycard

For public transportation via Septa, participants can receive a SEPTA KeyCard

The KeyCard is a reloadable debit card used to provide participant with their public transit funds! Each month, as long as the participant is eligible, MTM will load the cards with the participant’s authorized funds in the zone they require.

This is available to all Medicaid participants. Participants 65 years and over do NOT need this, instead they get a Senior Fare Card (explained below)

To put the Septa Keycard into the Service Plan, you must know which Zone the participant requires. If the participant knows which zone they need, then use that.

If the participant does not know which zone they need, use the link or the map below to determine which zone they require. Use their current location and the destination they are trying to reach to decide.

Ex. If the station they use closest to their home is in Zone 1, but their destination is in zone 2, then they require a zone 2 pass.

Request vs. Start of service

It takes some time to receive the Keycard once the request is put in on the PCSP.

If the request is put in before the 20th of the month, their first pass will be received the month after.

Requested before the 20th
ex. Requested on 3/1/21
Received the month after
Ex. Receive the first pass in May
Requested after the 20th
ex. Requested on 3/21/21
Received the month after the next
Ex. Receive the first pass in June
Keycard Overdraws/Negative Balances

At the beginning of each month SCs will be notified of participants with negative balances on their keycards.

The ptp has until the 18th of the month to bring their balance back to $0
**overdraw balances are typically under $5**

If the participant overdraws their Septa Keycard, MTM will be NOT be able to load more funds until the month AFTER the ptp brings the balance back to $0.

The participant MUST NOT SWIPE THEIR CARD until the 1st of the next month

ex. If the participant is notified of overdraw on 3/1:

  • They have until 3/18 to pay the overdrawn balance
  • They CANNOT swipe their card until 4/1

If a participant has a problem or a question about a Keycard they were supposed to receive, they can call PHW on the Member services hotline (844-626-6813) and option #4 will connect them to the Transportation Team.

If the participant has questions about Card Activation or their Balance, they can call 888-863-0681.

Unfortunately there is no way of knowing what the ptp has done to receive negative balances. The most common reasons include:

Riding into zones they were not approved for, which takes extra funds
Tapping a kiosk more than once
Checking the balance of the card once it is at 0 trips/funds

Septa Senior Fare Card

Participants 65 years of age and over can ride Septa Transport for free with a Senior Fare Card

Participant’s must call 215-580-7145 to schedule an appointment to apply for the Senior Fare Card

PCSP Input

When putting the Septa Keycard into the PCSP Service Plan you must state which zone the participant requires

Function Portal Input

SC MUST put the Zone that the participant requires as the provider for the service in FP.

3. Septa CCT

It is a shared-ride program that is door-to-door, advance-reservation, ride-sharing service, offered on a space-available basis.

Participants will receive a CCT pass, then they will be able to schedule rides 1-3 days in advance

PCSP Input

You MUST state “Utilizes CCT” in the Service Details

Function Portal Input

In Function Portal you must have 2 separate services. One with the provider “Septa Zone 2” and the other with the provider “CCT (Septa)”

Medical Assistance Transportation Program

This is for transportation to and from medical appointments. All participants are eligible for MATP.

Participants and SCs can you the following link to get started with MATP

You can click on “Contact” or the link below to be connected to the list of counties and their provider phone numbers.

Or, on the second half of the page, you can choose the county the participant lives in for MATP contact information

This transportation must be scheduled 3 days in advance!

PCSP Input


If a participant has their own car, or knows someone who has a car and can take them to and from medical appointments, they may be eligible for mileage, parking, and toll reimbursement.

The individual requesting reimbursement should notify MATP in advance. They will send a “Mileage Reimbursement Request” Form which can be turned in immediately after a trip or at the end of the month.

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