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Provider Switches

Switching PAS Providers
Agency Model to Agency Model Switch
This will result in two separate entries on the PCSP for the same type of service If SC has completed an assessment with a participant and a change in any type of provider is being requested, then the Service Plan in the PCSP should reflect the following:
  • 1st Entry
    • Start date: first date in current year that participant began receiving this service (eg. if the participant had HDM for this entire year then 1/1/20 is listed, if the participant started receiving HDM on 3/2/20 then 3/2/20 is listed). You will need to look at the authorizations in FP to determine the appropriate start date. 
    • End date: Future date that new provider can begin, minus 1 day (SC will need to confirm this with new provider) 
    • Amount: Current amount of service approved 
  • 2nd Entry
    • Start date: Future day that new provider can begin (SC will need to confirm this with new provider) 
    • End date: one year from the date of your visit minus 1 day 
    • Amount: Current amount of service approved 
Agency Model to Participant Directed Option (PDO)

Be sure to tell the participant that they will be using the Agency model (current PAS provider) until they are fully set up with Tempus

  1. Fill out Tempus New Referral Form
    • Upload to Function Portal
    • Fax the form to: 1-833-583-6787 or Email to:
  1. Once Tempus gives a start date you can schedule a visit to update the PCSP
    • Close/terminate the Agency model PAS in the Service Plan
    • Add PDO – Tempus in the Service Plan
  2. Make sure the “Employer Authority Option” is selected in the Selection of Personal Care Options form Function Portal.
Participant Directed Option (PDO) to Agency Model
  • Make sure that the PAS agency has given you a good start date 
  • Update PCSP Services section in Function Portal
    • End date Tempus 
    • Add PAS with start date they provided
  • Update “TEMPUS PTP Service Change Form”
    • Enrollment end date should match end date in PCSP 
    • Email it 
    • Upload to FP and Envolve 
  • Call PAHW to let them know a switch is requested from Tempus to Agency Model
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