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Medicare Fundamentals and Wellcare

While each participant that receives Community Health Choices (CHC) has Medicaid coverage, many of these participants may also be eligible for or receive Medicare as well. The following document from PA Health and Wellness explains the different types of Medicare, eligibility requirements, open enrollment periods, and how participants can find more information about PHW’s Medicare plans.

When participants enroll in a Medicare plan (like Wellcare), they can receive many additional services that may be of great benefit to them (ie. vision, dental, transportation, etc). Participants can “align” their Medicaid and Medicare plans and this results in simplification of all of their coverage and services.

If a participant is interested in enrolling in Medicare or aligning their plans, this document also has referral information, so they can begin the process. Additional information about plan costs, coverage, and Savings Programs can be found at the following Medicare site.

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