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5. Managing PDFs in Xodo and Adobe

This is a guide for working with any pdf in Xodo and Adobe. Please be mindful that certain portions are different based on the type of computer you are using (Chromebook, PC, or Mac).

Carefully follow this guide one step at a time if you need assistance with how to properly use Xodo or Adobe.

Xodo is a free website, no download required. Adobe is a software that can be downloaded for free (see the end of the guide for details on how to download it)

Downloading the document

Same process for all computers 

You need to download the document to your computer so that you have it as a local file.
You can do so via option 1 or 2 below

1. Select the download icon while in the email. Make sure you select “Download” NOT “Add to Drive”
2. Click on the document in the email, then click on the Download button in the top right corner. 


Do not touch the downloaded document, follow the next step instead

Opening the document

Different process based on your computer

  1. Open a new webpage and go to
  1. Select Launch Now
  1. On the new page select “Local File” under OPEN A FILE
  1. This will take you to your computer files, where you need to find and open the document you just downloaded
If using a Chromebook

Select Downloads or Recent. Then select the downloaded document. This will open up the document in Xodo.

If using a PC

Select Downloads. Then select the downloaded document. This will open up the document in Xodo

As the document loads it will look like blank pages, this is fine. 

Xodo can be very slow; but as long as it does not tell you “Network Error” it should be loading.

  1. Once loaded, you can zoom in with the “+” in the toolbar
    • Note: Do NOT zoom in any other way. 

Now you should be able to type/select answers inside of the document


Does not work on Chromebooks

You need to make sure you have or download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (Instructions on how to do so at the end of this document)

  1. Open your computer files (this varies by computer)
  1. Go to your downloads
  1. Left click on the document ONCE
  1. Then right click on the document
  1. Choose “Open with”
  1. Choose Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Signing the document

Same process for any computer


1. Go to Section T

2. Find the Signature function in the toolbar

3. Click on it and it will turn your mouse cursor into a “+”

4. Click to the left of the signature box

  • **If you try clicking in the Red signature box it won’t work
  1. Once you click where you want to sign, the signature box will appear
    • Write in your signature (either with your finger on the touchscreen, or with your mouse/trackpad)
  1. Press the check mark in the bottom right corner to place your signature

After you place your signature, you are still in the signature function (meaning if you click somewhere you’ll place another signature). Therefore:

  1. Click on the “Select” button which looks like your regular mouse arrow
  1. Now you can alter the size and placement of your signature


Be careful as signing in Adobe may “break/lock” the document

  1. Go to Section T

  1. Find the Signature function in the toolbar

  1. Click “Add signature”  
  1. Select “Draw” and Draw in your signature

  1. Click “Apply”
  2. Place your signature where you want it

Saving the document

Different Process between Xodo and Adobe

  1. Select “Save” at the top of the page
    • Make sure it has the picture of a computer beside it. 
      • Otherwise select the arrow beside the save button and select “Computer”

  1. This will prompt a “Preparing Download” box to show up on your screen. 

  1. Once it is done, the document will be in the “downloads” file of your computer. You’re free to move it into another folder or change the name at will. 
  1. Click on the Save button in the top left corner (looks like the classic Floppy Disc)
  1. This will prompt your computer files to appear. (this varies by computer)
    • Select where in your computer you would like to save it too.
    • Change the name of the file to what you’d like (or use the proper naming convention)
  1. Select Save

Downloading Adobe

Does not work with chromebooks

Use this Adobe link to go to the proper download

  1. Select “Download Acrobat Reader” 
    • It is a free download. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC costs a monthly subscription.
    • You don’t need the additional Optional offers, so you can unselect those.

  1. Follow your computer’s instructions for downloading and installing.
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