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Employment Services Guide & how to document Employment Services in the PCSP

Employment Services

As you know, in the PCSP in Function Portal, there is a section that is specifically about employment/volunteering and we are responsible for ensuring that we are discussing services that are available to assist any participant with attaining or maintaining employment or volunteering.  

We need to ensure that we are discussing available resources related to employment and documenting in our notes as well as in the PCSP what resources we have offered.  

There are currently four types of employment services offered through CHC:

  1. Benefits counseling
  2. Job coaching
  3. Employment skills development
  4. Career assessment

Previously, prior to requesting employment services through CHC, referrals had to be done to OVR and WIPA to determine if they are able to provide the needed services.  If referrals to OVR and WIPA are done and they are unable to begin services for the participant (ie. ptp is put on a wait list) then employment services can be requested through CHC.  Referrals to OVR are no longer necessary prior to adding employment services to the participants’ care plan.  However, depending on the situation there must still be a referral to WIPA (refer to the “who and what of employment services guide” below for additional guidance).  

For a participant who does NOT want assistance with employment:

  1. No NEED, GOAL, or OUTCOME needed for Employment.
  2. PCSP must clearly state the reason why the participant does not want to pursue employment

For a participant who wants assistance with employment : 

  1. Must have NEED, GOAL and OUTCOME related to finding employment
  2. Must also have Employment related Services listed in the Service plan


  1. Must have NEED, GOAL and OUTCOME related to maintaining employment  
  2. Must also have Employment Services listed in Service plan

Providers outside of CHC:

  1. WIPA Hotline1-866-968-7842
  2. OVR (Office of Vocational Rehabilitation)
      1. Vocational Rehabilitation Services
        1. 801 Market Street Suite 6034 Philadelphia, PA 19107
        2. 215-560-1900 Voice 
        3. 800-442-6381* Voice 
      1. Vocational Rehabilitation Services
        1. 531 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15222
        2. 412-392-4950 Voice
        3. 412-392-5921 TTY
        4. 800-442-6371* Voice
        5. 888-870-4474* TTY

Providers in Network

  1. Community Integrated Services, 215-238 7411
  2. If unsure of the provider the ptp would like to use TBD can be used

What is OVR?

The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) serves people who have disabilities that present a substantial impediment to employment. Services are provided to individuals to prepare for, secure, retain, advance in or regain employment. OVR has 21 District Offices located around the state. Our counselors work every year with thousands of persons who have physical, mental or emotional disabilities.



OVR Employment Service:

  2. Vocational Rehabilitation Home (

What is WIPA?

To amend the Social Security Act to expand the availability of health care coverage for working individuals with disabilities, to establish a Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program in the Social Security Administration to provide such individuals with meaningful opportunities to work, and for other purposes. 

  • provide in-depth counseling about benefits and the effect of work on those benefits;
  • conduct outreach efforts to beneficiaries of SSI and SSDI (and their families) who are potentially eligible to participate in federal or state Work Incentives programs; and
  • work in cooperation with federal, state and private agencies and nonprofit organizations that serve SSI and SSDI beneficiaries with disabilities.

WIPA Hotline1-866-968-7842 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET.



  • Employment can be added as a goal or added into a goal at any time without a full reassessment if the PCSP has been completed within last 365 days.
  • Employment can be a standalone goal or connected to another goal.
  • Employment goals can be short and long-term. Example: Jay would like to explore possibility of work when their chemo treatment is done. Goal would communicate need of finishing chemo with long-term goal of employment.

When does a participant need an Employment Goal?

  • Participant expresses interest in work and/or exploration of the possibility
  • Participant is actively seeking work – with or without support
  • Participant is pursuing education (e.g. degree, certificate, credential)
  • Referred (or self-referred) to any of the following:
    • PA CareerLink®
    • Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA) program
    • PA Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR)
    • Any of the 5 Community HealthChoices HCBS Employment Services
    • Ticket to Work (Employment Networks)
    • Training Programs through Workforce Development (e.g., Energy Innovation Center)
    • Other Employment Services including but not limited to grant-funded
  • Receiving services from any of the organizations or services previously mentioned
  • Participating in Pre-Apprenticeship or Apprenticeship program
  • Participating in On-the-Job training (OJT) or other training program
  • Participant is interested in finding another job – within current company or a different company
  • Participant expresses need where participant agrees employment can help (e.g. socialization, housing stability, mobility)
  • Participant is volunteering with plans to pursue employment

When is it helpful for a participant to have an Employment Goal or employment connected to another goal?

  • When the participant is working and not receiving employment services of any kind, it is helpful to have maintenance of employment as either a standalone goal or connected within another goal. This shows the importance of employment in the participant’s life, as well as how it supports other goals for healthy living. It also allows a much quicker process if/when the participant needs additional help with employment quickly or suddenly (e.g. laid off, needs Employment service of some kind, redetermination).
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